Friday 27 July 2018

Finance Fridays – Working from home

We were looking at last minute holiday deals for last week's Finance Fridays. If you're not on holiday at the moment then you must be working. The way I deal with school holidays, term time school runs and meetings is by working at home. My children are now of an age that I don't have to be constantly watching over them but I do need to be around when they are hungry! Working from home doesn't just suit people with children and now has become the favoured option for many workers. Let's have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of having your home as your office.

Flexible – You don't necessarily need to be tied to working 9-5. Start early or finish late whatever suits you and means you are still getting your work done.

Cut-off time – One of the benefits of working in an office is that when you walk out at the end of the day you can feel the working day is over until tomorrow. When you work at home it is very easy to keep on working and even doing so on your days off.

No commute – Save money, save time and save your sanity by not having to sit in traffic jams, jostle for parking spaces or get frustrated by delayed public transport.

Lack of contact – There are many days I speak to anyone during the day. If you live by yourself you could easily turn into a hermit. This is probably why so many people head to their local coffee shop to log onto their WiFi to do some work.

Distractions – This applies to both working in an office and working from home. I used to have people coming to ask me questions all the time about work because it was easy for them to so. Don't forget as well the dreaded meetings about meetings! At home when you are on your own without someone looking over your shoulder to keep checking social media and start doing the housework.

Heating – This hits me particularly hard in the winter. I can't afford or justify having the heating on during the day just to keep me warm. Instead I keep warm by wearing lots of layers. The two items of clothing I find really make a difference are fingerless gloves and a thin scarf. Apparently one of the keys to keeping warm making sure you keep your neck and wrists covered.

Do you work from home? What benefits do you think it has?

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Finance Fridays

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