Friday 20 July 2018

Finance Fridays – Last minute holiday deals

We were looking at whether a financial adviser or money coach was the best for your needs in last week's Finance Fridays. For this week it's holiday time! For many children today will be the last day of term (spare a thought for poor Master JibberJabber who doesn't finish until next week). If you haven't booked a summer holiday yet there is still time and you could pick up a bargain. Here's some tips to getting a last minute holiday deal.

Be ready to go – If a holiday requires visa, special insurance or jabs you don't have then bother looking at it if you haven't got time to sort things out. Look to see if you have the right clothes available for the type of holiday you are thinking about. Some of the best deals could leave in the next day or two so you won't have time for last minute shopping.

Be flexible – The reason some holidays aren't sold is because of their departure days, time or location. Not everyone wants to start and finish their holiday on a Wednesday or be at an airport at 3am but if it suits you then it could be a great deal. You may also find that the airport is a smaller one you are used to but hopefully you won't be there for long.

Have your cash sorted – If you are going to a country that accepts Euros or US dollars then picking up some cash will be easy as travel money exchanges at the Post Office, supermarkets, shops and travel agents will always have them in stock. For other currencies you may find you need to order them a couple of days in advance. Don't change money at the airport as the rate is usually very uncompetitive. Also be wary of taking money out of cash machines when you are abroad as often it is classed as a 'cash advance' and you can be charge a fee and/or interest on it. Check with your card provider before you travel.

Sort your insurance
– You can do this very quickly after you have booked your holiday but make sure you did it. If you have a rough idea of where you want to go and how long for then you can get some quotes before you book so you know if you an afford the insurance. Make sure you declare all medical conditions and you are covered for other activities you plan to do such as water sports.

Check your passport – Getting a great deal abroad won't be great if your passport isn't in order. Make sure you can find in the first place! Also check that it is still valid and has good time left on it before it expires. The general rule is that it needs to be valid for six months after the last day of travel but different countries have their own rules.

Have you ever booked a last minute holiday? Did you get a good deal?

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Finance Fridays

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