Sunday 10 June 2018

Sunday Snap - The Scottish Castle

We were on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh for last week's Sunday Snap of the Economist. I asked who the statue was of and the answer is

Adam Smith

Counting the pennies with the right answer were Susan, Cheryl and Anne.

This week we are travelling north of Edinburgh to a remote Scottish estate. With so many of the Royal Family in the news at the moment I thought it was time to join in. In the 1840s Queen Victoria and Prince Albert travelled to Scotland and stayed in a variety of locations. They enjoyed the scenery and the fact it was so far away from the ever-prying eyes in London. One thing they didn't like was the very wet climate. Looking for somewhere to buy it was suggested they try Deeside instead. They were informed of an estate belonging to Earl Fife which they were able to obtain a lease on despite never seeing it. When they did visit Victoria liked the house but found it too small for her ever growing brood. Although they didn't own the property and surrounding land they did start work on the property by installing offices, cottages and even a temporary ballroom and dining room. In 1852 the opportunity to purchase the estate came up and it has been a favourite retreat of the Royal Family ever since.

Today the Queen goes to her Scottish property each summer. She spends most of August and September there and it said to be the place where she is truly happy. Whilst in residence she takes the opportunity to keep an eye on the working farmland estates as well as walking the surrounding hills and mountains. At the beginning of September she traditionally attends the Highland Games in the nearby village of Braemar. This week's question is

What is the name of the Scottish castle?

We were joined last week by Susan and sunny weather and beach visits. Marti went to a tractor pull in Texas. Looking through the heart shaped window was Cheryl. In Birmingham Anne paid a visit to the see the tree man. A trip to Malham for Kara meant waterfalls and hiking. Soma has been wandering about her garden with her camera. Finally, Jesh has been recalling her visit to China.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. I’m sure that’s Balmoral castle, although I’ve just realised I’ve never seen it. Shocking isn’t it? X

  2. It's Balmoral, I remember seeing it in a Doctor Who episode :)

  3. Balmoral - we tried to visit last year but it wasn't open to the public at the time


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