Friday 25 May 2018

Finance Fridays – 5 ways to save money by going green

5 ways save money going green
We were looking forward to the Royal Wedding for last week's Finance Fridays. We kept the cost down by going through 10 ways to have a wedding on budget. This week our money saving focuses on being environmentally friendly. A few changes can save you pounds and help to save the planet as well.

Switch light bulbs – The light fitting we had in our kitchen took R63 bulbs. The fitting had been in our kitchen since we moved in. The regular cost we found with this fitting was that the light bulbs never lasted long and new bulbs were costing around £3 each time to replace. We bought a new fitting for less than £20 which now takes LED light bulbs. The LED light bulbs should last over 6 years each and are much more energy efficient to run.

Hang your clothes to dry – This month has been great for those who dry their laundry outside. Warm and windy days gets the washing dry in no time. However, we do live in Britain so with the unpredictable weather outside drying often isn't an option. Instead of using the tumble drier invest in some drying racks. If you are short on space over the bath ones are useful and can be folded away when not in use.

Switch off when you go away
– We all know we should turn the television off instead of leaving it on standby. There are lots of things we use around the house each day that are constantly plugged in using electricity. When we go away I always make sure I turn off the oven, microwave and radio as they all have digital clocks and displays on them. You can also turn off any television boxes that you haven't set anything to record on.

Take your own shopping bags – I'm still surprised by the number of people who buy plastic shopping bags at the supermarket. Many supermarkets have now ditched the basic 5p bags and the cheapest one you can buy is 10p. If you are buying 4-5 each week then over the year you will be spending £25 just on bags to carry your shopping home! Since the carrier bag charge came in I haven't bought a single plastic bag in any shop as I always make sure I have a selection of bags with me.

Bottle it – Plastic bottles have become public environmental enemy number one. It's easy to slip into the habit of buying a bottle of water to drink while you are out and about. A single 500ml bottle of water can easily cost £1 plus the damage done by the disposable plastic bottle. Get used to taking a refillable bottle with you. If you need water during the day check the site or app to see where you can get water for free.

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Finance Fridays

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