Friday 19 September 2014

nibnibs - mini nibs

I love savoury snacks so I didn't hesitate to say yes when I was asked if I would like try some of the nibnibs mini nibs range. What I immediately liked about the company is they are based in Yorkshire (home of JibberJabber Towers) and try to source as much local produce as possible for their products. Upon inspection of the ingredients list I found wheat flour from Yorkshire Mills, mature British Cheddar, British butter and Yorkshire water. So far so good but what were they like? Miss JibberJabber and I decided to do a taste test. For the record Master JibberJabber just kept saying, “More please”.

Each of the mininibs tubs come foil sealed with resealable top.

mininibs Exceptional Cheddar & Spicy Chilli Straws 65g

My first taste was of strong Cheddar but no chilli. Then the chilli starts to hit you and the sensation grows in the back of your throat.

mininibs Exceptional Cheddar Cheese Straws 65g

Good cheese flavour. Not the strongest of cheddar hits but very moreish. I could easily polish off a tub of these in no time. Miss JibberJabber said these cheese straws are what they say on the packaging – exceptional.

mininibs Exceptional Cheddar & Cheeky Onion Straws 65g

I have to say the onion in these must be very cheeky as I didn't detect it at all and they tested the same as the other Cheddar Straws. No onion taste was reported by Miss JibberJabber either.

mininibs Roasted Salt & Pepper JUMBO Peanuts 70g

These come in another sealed packet inside the tub and when I opened them they seemed quite greasy. Although billed as 'JUMBO' I have certainly had bigger peanuts. You can see the salt and pepper on the peanuts but the taste for me was overwhelmingly of just peanut. Miss JibberJabber disagreed and said the little hint of pepper and the salt brings out the flavour of the peanut.

All the products I was sent are suitable for vegetarians. The packaging is very smart and functional especially for days out and picnics. From what I have found the retail price of the tubs are £1.95 each which for the size is at the higher end of the market. However, this is a quality Yorkshire made product which has already won a Great Taste Award and a winner of a Deliciously Yorkshire Award.

I was sent the tubs of mininibs for review purposes. No payment was made for this post and all photographs and opinions are my own and the team of taste testers at JibberJabber Towers.


  1. I really like Nibnibs too! The cheese and onion ones were my favourite so it's funny you couldn't taste the onion.

    1. My husband tried them as well and he couldn't taste the onion either. I think we need a different tub to try!

  2. Never tried this brand but the sound of the salt and pepper peanuts makes me want to seek them out! Where can you buy them?

  3. I am more of a sweet snacks girl but my hubby would like these x

  4. Never tried them but do like the sound of them x

  5. Yum, these are right up my street too...and damn, they're making me hungry and wanting a late night snack!! Will definitely look out for them.

  6. I've not heard of NibNibs before, will keep an eye out for them!

  7. They sounds really tasty! I love snacks like this and so does my son.

  8. They are perfect on the go. Love the packaging as it keeps snacks in perfect shape.


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