Wednesday 2 April 2014

Schwartz Flavour Shots Review

Schwartz Flavour Shots

I obviously don't have a problem with cooking recipes from scratch but one thing I do struggle with sometimes is having the right ingredients in stock. I have so many jars of dried herbs and spices that even two spice racks aren't enough to keep them all on. However, even I don't don't have full range and quite often I pass on making certain dishes if I can't substitute one herb or spice for another. The danger in going out and buying yet another jar is that if you don't like the dish or found it too difficult to make you'll end up with another jar in your kitchen with just a little bit taken out of it.

Schwartz have recently come up with a solution to this problem with their new range of Flavour Shots. I was sent a selection to test and decided to give the Spanish Paella a try. On the outside of each of the little boxes is an ingredients list so you know exactly what else you need. The Spanish Paella recipe suggests chicken breast and chorizo but we decided to go with prawns and chorizo. Inside it does say you can use raw prawns and mussels. I used cooked prawns but just stirred them in before serving so they didn't turn to rubber.
Schwartz Spanish Paella
What was nice about cooking this dish was it was very easy to make but still felt as if I was cooking it all by myself with because you use your own ingredients in the dish. It says you can use paella or risotto rice. I already had a pack of risotto rice in the cupboard and used that. The instructions state to add the pepper and the peas and then simmer for 20-25 minutes but I think next time I will add the vegetables later as they didn't need so much cooking. The heat rating is given as 'Mild' but it still has a little bit of a kick to it. Both of my children gobbled it up though so it wasn't too spicy for them. Extra drinking water was required though!

Could I have made this myself? Of course I could have but a quick browse through some paella recipes and they call for saffron (world's most expensive spice), smoked paprika and dried chillies (don't have either) and also turmeric (my jar is older than my daughter). So an all-in-one dish which the whole family enjoyed and required minimal fuss to make. That's got to be a winner in my book.

I was sent a selection of Schwartz Flavour Shots to review. No payment was made for this post and all opinions, words and photographs are my own.

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