Saturday 21 December 2013

U is for...Unexpected Guests

You think you have got everything sorted, presents wrapped, cards written and posted, and then comes the knock at the door. Who can it be? You open the door to find them on your the doorstep – they are the Unexpected, Uninvited Guests. So you remembered to send them a card but for some reason they have turned up at your house and worse of all they are banishing a gift and you have nothing to give back in return. Awkward.

Now you could spend the Christmas period with the lights off and car parked round the corner to try and fool people you have gone away but such extreme measures are not required. The solution to this easy – have a couple of spare presents to hand to offer and a selection of gift bags to put them in if needed. Select some items you would be happy to eat, drink or use yourself if nobody turns up. If they come do just pop the bottle of wine or box of biscuits into the gift bag and everything is sorted. No waste and no panic. You don't have to spend a fortune if you don't want to. If you have a stash of homemade jam, jelly or chutney these make perfect little gifts and actually one made with love. If you haven't got time to whip up a batch of preserves perhaps try this recipe for handmade hot chocolate mix from Victoria at A Kick at The Pantry Door.

Remember though, just because Christmas Day may have passed you still may not be safe. Unexpected, Uninvited Guests have nothing better to do between Boxing Day and New Year's Day. This is a particularly dangerous period as they will be on lookout for victims to try and offload their unwanted tat they got given. You have been warned...

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  1. Unexpected visitors are my worst nightmare, though if they turn up with alcohol I'm a lot more open to their visits lol


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