Thursday 14 February 2019

Weekend Box Club – Wonderful Wintertime review

It's been mixed weather recently and with it quite hard to plan things to do at the weekend. We're not ones for going round the shops on a Sunday so some fun indoor activities are always welcome. The Christmas Lego has been made up so the arrival of a Weekend Box Club was most timely.

The idea for Weekend Box Club came when founder Andy Stephenson was looking for something to give to his young nephew and nieces. Since he developed the first boxes the company now makes and designs a number of different boxes with a variety of themes.

There's no worry about missing delivery of the Weekend Box Club as the box has been designed so it fits through the letterbox. When we opened it up we were introduced to the four characters who would be guiding us through the tasks – Oswald, Hattie, Sammy and Wooster.

Each of the materials you need for the activities are wrapped up in colour co-ordinated bags. What isn't included are items you should have at home already such as pencils, scissors, plates and bowls. Some of the activities can be finished in one go while others like the Icy Tealight Holder needed time for the water to freeze into ice.

Master JibberJabber's particular favourite make was the Pop Up Penguins. For some reason this one was named 'Jimmy' and spoke with a Scottish accent. I'm not sure why but anything that encourages creativity and imaginative play is fine with me.

Along with the four craft activities the booklet contains various puzzles, colouring and drawing pages plus facts and jokes. All parts of the box can be recycled and the bottom of it can be cut out to be used as a door hanger.

A word on the age range – Master JibberJabber is eight years old which I would say is about the upper age for this particular type of box. It did mean he was able to read all the instructions himself and do the activities with minimal help (I put the balloon over the kitchen tap for fear of him flooding the kitchen!). I have noticed they do STEM boxes for children aged 7+ so he may be better suited to one of these in future.

If you want to try a Weekend Box for free (+ £1 P&P) then register at Weekend Box Club and use the promo code SCBR191 (I don't get anything in return).

I was sent the Wonderful Wintertime box for review purposes. All words, photographs and opinions are my own.

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