Sunday 10 February 2019

Sunday Snap – The discoverer of air

We were in Leeds for last week's Sunday Snap of the Lost King. I asked what the nickname of Prince Edward was and the answer is

The Black Prince

Charging along the battlefield with the right answer were Soma and Kara.

This week we are staying in Leeds as in the same square as the Black Prince is the statue of Joseph Priestley. Unlike the Black Prince, Priestley was born locally to Leeds in the village of Birstall in 1733. He was brought up by various family members before finally settling with his wealthy uncle and aunt. They realised he was extremely clever at a very young age and his aunt ensured he received the very best education. He learnt six languages as well as higher mathematics, natural philosophy, logic and metaphysics.

He first became a minister however his controversial views on theology made him unpopular and he was forced to move on. He was able to settle in Nantwich where not only was he able to successfully preach to a congregation but he was able to set up his own school. Appalled at the quality of books available for his pupils he started to write his own.

Along with his preaching and teaching Priestley was also heavily involved in various scientific experiments. For James Cook's second voyage to the South Seas he was able to develop a method for making soda water. He thought this could be a potential cure for scurvy. It wasn't and Priestley did not follow through with the commercial possibilities for soda water. Instead his invention was picked up by a J.J. Schweppe.

As part of these experiments he looked into the different kinds of air. Before this it was believed that there was only two types of air – carbon dioxide and hydrogen. He was able to add to the list nitrogen, hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide. Of the other type of air he discovered he found that the mice he trapped in it survived. When he tested it on himself he wrote that is was, "five or six times better than common air for the purpose of respiration, inflammation, and, I believe, every other use of common atmospherical air". This week's question is

What other 'air' did Joseph Priestly discover?
We were joined last week by Susan and a rainbow sloth. Sarah found the snow in the park. The magician's bookshelf has been completed by Soma. A trip to King's Cross Station for Mary found the purple ceiling. Kara has visited the Bournemouth Wheel and displaying some new swimming medals. Finally, Jesh has been out exploring in the first week of February.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. He must have discovered oxygen! What an amazing discovery. So interesting to read about him.

  2. Wow this is fascinating. What an amazing discovery of oxygen this man made. Incredible x

  3. How interesting - oxygen, although I'd not heard of him tbh #SundaySnap


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