Tuesday 29 January 2019

Love Cake January 2019 round up

It seems people are doing a bit of cake detox this month! The cake baking doesn't stop here though so here's a flavour of what has been baking at JibberJabber Towers.

Before Christmas I bought a jar of lemon curd to make some buttercream with. I don't always have lemon curd in the cupboard so I thought I would incorporate it in a bake. Many citrus fruits are at their best at the moment and I seem to keep coming across bags of reduced limes. I thought the combination of the two would be perfect for a quick and zingy lime and lemon curd traybake cake. You can make it without the icing topping if you wish but the lime taste does work very well with it.

For an after-school treat I made another traybake. It's too cold for ice cream at the moment but I took the chocolate and vanilla flavours as inspiration for a marbled traybake.

I'll be back in a couple of days when we will be celebrating the fifth birthday of Love Cake.

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