Thursday 6 December 2018

The 2018 Gardening Gifts Guide

With an allotment that needs constant tending a few gardening related gifts each year is always welcome. One of the things with gardening is that items tend to wear out or get used up very quickly so don't worry about buying that won't get used as it will always come in handy one day!

I love trugs and find them so useful around both the garden and home. Usually our harvest from the allotment comes home in a trug. You always needs a couple so your raspberries don't stain your courgettes! If you are looking for quality and a trug which won't fall apart then Sussex Trugs are the company to go for. Each one is handmade in Sussex.

I've gone through a lot of gardening gloves over the years and have found that the old adage 'you buy cheap, you buy twice' really rings true with gloves. If you do a lot of gardening you need gloves that are both tough and waterproof. As someone who always has cold hands I like the added bonus of a thermal lining. I've have these Briers gloves for 18 months now and they are still going strong.

No matter how careful you are tools always go missing. This useful little set comes with its own bag so you can store everything safely away afterwards.

You can't grow anything without seeds! It doesn't matter that if you already have piles of them as you always want more! This lovely selection is a mix of flowers and vegetables in a handy vintage style tin to store them all in.

If you want to buy a gardener a book it's probably best not to go for a general gardening book as they will either already have it or something very similar. Francine Raymond guides us through the year in her garden in Kent showing how to make the make the best of the seasons.

Getting one wellington boot off maybe easy enough but what do you do with the other?! This is the solution and means no muddy hands. There's also the fun in trying to baffle the recipient as to what it is!

Gardening is hard work and the hands in particular can suffer. Crabtree and Evelyn know a thing or two about making lotions for the body and this Hand Therapy is a favourite amongst gardeners with its natural ingredients of cucumber and rosemary.

After session of digging a warm cuppa is a must. Not everyone has access to a kitchen while gardening and you might not want to go back inside with all your dirty clothes on. For this reason a good flask is a must.

Get yourself organised at home, work and in garden. Get weekly tips on what you need to be doing in the garden all beautifully decorated with Judith Glover's illustrations.

This post contains affiliate links. It won't cost you any more but it will help me buy more gardening items.

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