Sunday 2 December 2018

Sunday Snap – Christmas shopping

We were at Selby Abbey for last week's Sunday Snap of the American Window. I asked which US President's family it was named after and the answer is

George Washington

Raising the stars and stripes with the right answer were Kara, Anne and Minoru.

Now we're in December it's time to get our Christmas shopping sorted! We're been down Piccadilly in London. Apologies for the reflection in the window but at least it is a red London bus. The idea for the shop started in 1705 when a footman to Queen Anne realised he could make a profit by reselling the unused candle wax in the Royal Household. They insisted on using fresh candles each night which meant a lot was left over. As well as being a royal footman he fancied himself as being a grocery and asked his landlord to join him. In 1707 they opened their first shop together in St. James's Market.

The business' success was based on developing innovative products and using its royal connections. They realised they had a lot of customers who were heading out of London and needed food they can eat on the move. This resulted in them making a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat and then coated in fried breadcrumbs – the first Scotch Egg. In 1886 it became the first shop in the country to stock Heinz Baked Beans. With family employment continuing within the household of Queen Charlotte orders were increasing all the time. With wealthy and influential customers it was bound to become the go-to place in London for your provisions. It current holds Royal Warrants for The Queen and The Prince of Wales.

It has become known over the years for its luxurious wicker hampers stamped with its initials. Queen Victoria sent shipments of concentrated beef tea to Florence Nightingale in the Crimea. Hampers were sent out to officers of the British Expeditionary Force in Northern France during World War One. In 1922 the first British Everest Expedition was fuelled by their hampers which included four dozen bottles of champagne.

Each year you will find their Christmas puddings, mince pies and cakes taste tested in trials pitted against other brands and supermarkets. This week's question is

Which London shop is this?

We were joined last week by Sara and some of her favourite things including beauty at dusk, crows in fog, sun shadows in the kitchen and houseplants in the living room. Lisa has been continuing her trip to the Golan. There's been a trip to see Father Christmas for Kara and Christmas lights at Beaulieu. Ash the cat has been growing up at Anne's. In Devon Jo found some upcycled sculpture. Minoru has taken a trip across Japan by train and ship. In New Zealand Betty is pleased to see her pincushion flower blooming. Finally, Jesh has been finding the essentials in her life.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. There's something quite special about being in London at Christmas

  2. Is it Fortnum and Mason? I'd love to visit London at Christmas time.
    Thanks for hosting x

  3. I think it is Fortnum and Mason

  4. I'd love to visit London at Christmas xx

  5. I think it's Fortnum And Mason. I was lucky enough to visit London during Christmas one year. It is quite amazing. Very crowded of course.



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