Wednesday 29 August 2018

Love Cake August 2018 round up

The last days of summer have been upon this month. We have seen seasonal ingredients and celebrations to bake for we have plenty of variety in our bakes this month. Let's see what everyone has been making.

We start off with not one but two gluten free cakes from Gluten Free Alchemist. Kate's soon to be a teenager daughter wasn't interested in a birthday cake this year so a pre-non-birthday cake was made instead! This Funfetti Cake is made up of gluten free vanilla sponge covered with buttercream and then liberally sprinkled with funfetti.

With a vegetable bed full of beetroot Kate has also found August the perfect month to use them in some baking. A classic combination of beetroot and chocolate was put together to make Beetroot Brownies. With a natural red colour these brownies are sure to win over the most ardent vegetable hater.

We've all been in this position – need to make something and the only supplies to hand are what we have in the kitchen cupboards. When Caroline found herself needing to bake a cake she had a look through the cupboards and fridge and adapted a recipe to come up with Storecupboard apple sauce and cinnamon cake. With apple sauce in the cake it is moist and the cinnamon adds extra flavour.

With a baby shower, birthday and vegan to cater for Caroline knew that chocolate would be the answer! Cutting out the eggs and dairy by using soya milk, white wine vinegar and vegetable oil she produced an Easy vegan chocolate baby shower cake. With a sprinkle of gold lustre dust and a cake topper it was good to go!

Finally, I made a batch of cherry, oat and yogurt muffins. I took some seasonal English cherries and mixed them with some leftover yogurt and porridge oats. With their crumble-like topping they are perfect for breakfast or for a snack anytime.

Thank you to everyone who joined in this month. I'll be back in a couple of days as we head into autumn.

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