Sunday 1 April 2018

Sunday Snap – The long distance television pictures

We were in Leeds at the site of the old Tetley's brewery for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked which Danish brewing company took over Tetley's and the answer is


Downing a pint with the right answer were Soma, Lisa and Kara.

This week we are celebrating the marvel that is television. Mr JibberJabber went on a business trip and came back with this photograph for me. If you look closely in the reflection of the brass plaque it is the lobby of a hotel. On 24th May 1927 the first long distance television pictures were transmitted to a room in the hotel from London using telephone lines. The distance covered was some 436 miles between London and the Central Hotel in Scotland's largest city. The man behind this was John Logie Baird.

For some years Baird had worked on the possibility of transmitting moving pictures. While many people developed systems to send still pictures Baird is credited with inventing the first working television system. In 1924, after using a selection of items he found in his workshop, he built the world's first working television system. In the following years he was able to give public demonstrations of his invention including at Selfridges and the Daily Express offices where he terrified the news editor. By 1930 the BBC was able to show its first experimental television play. This week's question is

Which Scottish city were the pictures transmitted to?

We were joined last week by Susan and some slime making. Sara has been picking out some of her favourite flowers including parrot tulips, daffodils and Mexican succulents. A trip to London for Lisa meant a visit to the Churchill War Rooms. A lifetime of using fountain pens inspired Soma's latest quilt design. Kara was getting fired up at the Roman forge and keeping warm in tropical house. In North Carolina Sue has been visiting the vast Biltmore House estate of the Vanderbilt family. Finally, Anne has been playing Mancala.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. I think it's Glasgow. Thanks for hosting x

  2. It was Glasgow, I’m pretty sure. He studied at university there x


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