Thursday 15 February 2018

February 2018 at the allotment

february 2018 allotment
Brrrr! That's the general feeling at the moment amongst allotmenteers. We've spent the winter months in hibernation in terms of the work we've done on the allotment. It's not that we abandon it completely. We have been down to collect stocks of our stored onions and potatoes. It is also important to check that the sheds and greenhouse are still standing!

One of the things we were lucky to be left with when we took on our plot was a burner in the shed. We can't put several types of roots on our compost heap as the soil is prone to club root. Instead we store them up until it's cold enough to get the fire going and they can be burnt.

A couple of the beds have been cleared for the coming growing season. As it is good practice to adopt a rotation system the onions will be going where we grew sweetcorn last year.

Up on the top potato patch we have planning to grow beetroot for the first time on our plot. Our neighbour always seems to do well with beetroot so we thought we would give them a go this year. Our plans for a hopefully good crop are chutney, roasted veg traybakes, pickled beetroot and of course chocolate and beetroot cake!

It looks like we're in for a bumper year for rhubarb again. The crowns that we have produce so many stalks that I've never been tempted to extend the season even more by covering it and forcing the stalks.

Our last little job for the moment has been to get the potatoes started off. We still using our stored stocks of potatoes from last year but they will run out soon. It will be strange to have to actually go and buy some potatoes to eat. Our potatoes choices this year are first earlies Duke of York, second earlies Kestrel and maincrop Desiree to see us through the winter again. There's some debate whether chitting is necessary for potatoes but I like to do it with first earlies as I think they need that extra boost. This year in particular with the weather so wet and cold I think they will need a super booster!

While you are here...Have you seen the competition from Waltons Sheds? They are on the lookout for the best recipes made from your homegrown produce. The winner will receive one of their sheds!

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  1. I adore your scarecrows! They're very sweet - now I want some haha :) Also I'm so glad that I now know that is Rhubarb - I have some on my allotment and really had no clue what it was. It's huge!!


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