Friday 28 July 2017

Finance Fridays – Holiday sickness claims

We were listing 10 free things for the kids to do in the holidays for last week's Finance Fridays. This week we are talking about something that we all hope never happens on our holidays – illness. Apparently us Brits are particularly keen on claiming compensation for holiday sickness with a 500% rise since 2013 – something not mirrored by other countries. So when can you claim and what can happen if you make a false claim?

There are two main pieces of regulations that covers holiday sickness. These are The Package Travel Regulations 1992 and The Athens Convention 1974. If you have booked a holiday through an UK operator for a package holiday (at least travel and accommodation) or an all-inclusive holiday then this falls under The Package Travel Regulations 1992.

If you have fallen ill during your holiday and you believe it is down to the hotel's bad hygiene practices make a note of the following:

How long were you sick for?
Did you make the hotel aware of your illness?
Did you seek medical treatment yourself or have any help from the hotel?
Did notice anything indicated any bad or sub-standard hygiene practices during your stay?
Have you got any photographic evidence?
Did anyone else fall ill?

Remember you can fall ill through consuming contaminated food and drink – particularly water. Food that isn't cooked properly or stored in the right conditions can cause sickness as well as any food that has been touched by dirty hands, animals, birds or insects. Also watch out for bacteria in swimming pools, showers and bathrooms.

Fake claims – Don't even think about it. Due to loopholes in the claiming system there has been a rise in fake claims in recent years. This means good and decent businesses get their reputations tarnished and companies are paying out thousands to people who don't deserve it. In time the price of holidays will also rise due to the amount of money paid out in claims. Recently Thomas Cook have won a case against a family trying to claim £10,000 for holiday sickness. However, the family didn't even lodge a complaint while they were on holiday. People who do make fraudulent claims can face up to three years in jail.

Have you ever suffered sickness on holiday? Did you make a claim against the company?

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