Sunday 25 September 2016

Sunday Snap – The Rotunda

In last week's Sunday Snap we were looking at the house that was said to have inspired Charlotte Brontë's description of Mr Rochester's Thornfield Hall. I asked which book this featured in and the answer is

Jane Eyre

We had split between Brontë books but Cheryl, Nayna, Kara and Cass all got the right answer.

From the Peak District countryside we are off to the city this week. Due to its height and unusual circular design The Rotunda has become one of the best known features of this city. It was built between 1961 and 1965 as part of the city's new Bull Ring Shopping complex. The original plans had it as 12 storeys but this was revised to 25 thus making it 81m tall. The height of the building made it the perfect backdrop for advertisements to be see across the city. During the 1980s and 1990s a large sign for Coca Cola was displayed.

In 1974 the pub which occupied the bottom two floors of The Rotunda came to national prominence for all the wrong reasons. On the evening of 21 November 1974 the local newspaper received a telephone call saying that there was a bomb in The Rotunda and the tax office. What the caller failed to mention was that the bombs were in the pubs that shared these buildings. The Police started to check and clear the upper levels of The Rotunda but didn't have time to clear the Mulberry Bush pub at the bottom. 10 people were killed in this pub alone with many more seriously injured.

In 2000 it received Grade II listed building status. This is despite some critics saying it displays all the aspects of the worst type of 1960's architecture. As part of the major refurbishment of the Bull Ring Shopping Centre between 2004 and 2008 The Rotunda was also refurbished with many of the former offices being converted into residential flats and serviced apartments.

Which city is The Rotunda in?

We were joined last week by Jack and Noah enjoying the delights of September. Cheryl was wondering about living in a yellow submarine. In the mood for dancing was Susan's daughter. In San Diego Sue found some viejos. There was delight in the summer bouquet for Kelly. Kara found her daughter walking the high ropes and the swan coming in on the water.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. The Bullring is in Birmingham, I believe?

  2. I only know of the Bullring in Birmingham, so that is my guess. Been a while since I joined in Sunday Snap, so here I am joining in with some Elvis pictures from the weekend, Hope your well.

  3. This photo is for me isn't it? :) It's Birmingham, I was born the year the Rotunda was completed and it's one of the major buildings in my City that has always been there. I remember signing the petition to keep it in 1999 when they were in the middle of completely redesigning the city. It's not so pretty but it's a landmark that is always remembered. I also remember the pub bombings in 1974. My Irish neighbours were questioned about it and they soon moved as the two oldest sons were actually supporters of the I.R.A and were testing bombs in the kitchen when something went wrong and they burnt the house down. It was a terrifying fire and one that caused me to be afraid of fire ever since. Luckily our house was ok, but we still had smoke damage. The neighbours just disappeared after that. oops sorry for rambling on xx I'm going to post another photo of Birmingham to your linky now :)

  4. I didn't know the name the Rotunda but I've been to the Bullring a couple of times when on girls weekends to Birmingham. Very happy memories. Mich x

  5. I used to work in Birmingham but didn't know this building as the Rotunda. Some interesting (and sad) facts about its history. x

  6. The name Bullring also makes me think its Birmingham!

  7. When I first read the name you took me back to where I was born: The Rotunda Hospital in Dublin (same place as Bono) but the Bullring can only be Birmingham!

  8. I don't know it as the Rotunda but the bullring is definitely Birmingham x

  9. So it's in Birmingham. Hadn't heard of this building before x


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