Thursday 9 June 2016

The London Garden

We went down to my parents' house for half term. The warmer London temperatures mean that threat of frost has long passed and the garden is blooming.
The standout plant in the garden is the Chilean Lantern Tree (Crinodendron hookerianum). It is an evergreen shrub introduced from Chile in 1848. Apparently it is quite tricky to maintain but it seems to thrive in this position. As a South American species it prefers warmer, sheltered conditions. It also needs acidic soil which this patch must have as rhododendrons have grown along here.
The ornate bell shaped flower gives an unusual and exotic touch.
Most of the roses are now in full bloom. I've noticed all around that the roses look particularly good this year.
There is the occasional rose still feeling a little sleepy and refusing to uncurl from its bud.
In the greenhouse there's a selection of plants waiting to be granted a spot in the garden. The geraniums are lined up patiently.
A pair of fuchsias will be full of buds soon.
Already potted up and ready to be hung outside are some begonias.
Down on the patio are the strawberries standing very upright. Attempts to contain them have been pretty successful but as ever escape plans over the sides are evident.
Looking very patriotic are the petunias. I hope Her Majesty on her official birthday weekend would approve.
Keeping a close eye on all of this is the garden guard. Woe betide if you are furred or feathered and dare to come in. Gentle human strokers always welcome.

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  1. what a beautiful garden. love all the colors. -Claudia

  2. the lateen tree is stunning, love the reds in the garden. Fuchsias always remind me of my hans house, she had them in pots in the garden everywhere, little ballerinas she called them

  3. It's all going on in your garden at the moment! This reminds me that my in laws have one of those lantern trees (also by rhododendrons as it happens!), we're going round to see them tomorrow so I'll be sure to pay it a visit!
    You are right about the roses, they are lovely everywhere I go too :) We've had a few red strawbs here, the key is getting them before the birds!
    Thanks for joining in again lovely lady and have a nice rest-of-the-weekend :)

  4. It's amazing how a few degrees of latitude can make such a difference. Our roses are about the same as you mum's. #HDYGG

  5. The Chilean Lantern Tree is very interesting and not a plant I have ever seen. #hdygg (and do give the cat a stroke form me when you next visit)

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