Sunday 24 April 2016

Sunday Snap – The Stratford Theatre

On our trip to Edinburgh Castle for last week's Sunday Snap we were looking at the cannon which fires each day from the Castle's walls. I asked what time the cannon is fired and the answer is

One o'clock

Firing off the correct answer were Susan, Cheryl, Mary Louise, Alice, Cass, Claire and Kara. I will say that on Thursday it was fired in conjunction with other guns around the country at midday to mark the Queen's 90th birthday. I bet a few people double checked their watches that day!

For this week's Sunday Snap we are taking a trip to Stratford upon Avon. Yesterday marked both the 452nd anniversary of William Shakespeare's birth but also the 400th anniversary of his death. Shakespeare is generally regarded as the greatest British writer, poet and playwright of all time. Whilst he made his name and fortune in London it was Stratford-upon-Avon that he returned to time and time again. For a man who has had such a lasting impact on the English language and culture surprising little is known about his personal life. What is known is he was born and died in Stratford. At the age of 18 he was married in a parish church just outside of Stratford and six months later his first child Susanna was born in Stratford. Shakespeare died in Stratford on 23rd April 1616 and was buried the town's Holy Trinity Church.

It's fair to say Stratford today thrives as a town due to its Shakespeare connections and the number of buildings still standing which are associated with Shakespeare. Another reason to visit is to take a trip to the theatre. Although Shakespeare's plays were originally performed in London theatres such as The Globe it is fitting that a whole theatre complex dedicated to his many plays should be built in Stratford-upon-Avon. The original theatre in this site was opened in 1879 but burnt down in 1926. A new theatre was opened in 1932 with a major redevelopment occurring between 2007 and 2010. This included the construction of the tower. Since its formation in 1960 it has been the home of a theatre company concertrating on performing the plays of Shakespeare. Both the theatre group and theatre is now usually given the same name and is referred to by its initals. This week's question is

What is the name of the theatre group?

We were joined last week by Susan and her junior bakers. Over in New Zealand Betty has captured the magical Mt. Taranaki in cloud, snow and clear skies. Cheryl's son was caught in a web. Sophie had her finger on the bug. Standing still and beautiful poised for Kara was her son at the beach and a butterfly at the zoo.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. Would it be the Royal Shakespeare Company? I saw one of their productions many years ago and it was brilliant - it did make Shakespeare very accessible. x

  2. Would it be the Royal Shakespeare Company? Only one I know of I have to admit! x

  3. The Royal Shakespeare Company?? I love Stratford, it is a magical place

  4. I've been to Stratford a couple of times and loved relaxing on the grass by the theatre watching street theatre and eating chips. Still to go to Holy Trinity church, one for this year.

  5. I think it's the Royal Shakespeare Company, as it's the only one I know. Never been here though x

  6. I am guessing the Royal Shakespeare Company but it is a guess!

  7. I have been seeing Shakespeare information all over the news this week! The answer is the Royal Shakespeare Company!

  8. I only know the Royal Shakespeare Company so I'll have to go with that ;-)

  9. I'm going for the Royal Shakespeare Company too. I really want to plan a trip to Stratford, it's been so long since I was there!

  10. I am also going for the Royal Shakespeare Company, it is the only one that springs to mind.


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