Sunday 3 January 2016

Sunday Snap – Nipper Alley

For last week's Sunday Snap we were 'Up in the air' with the UK's longest aerial cable lift in the UK. I asked what headland it went along and the answer is

The Great Orme

Those at the top of the summit with the right answer last week were Susan, Jen and Cass.

This week's photograph is about a dog whose image became world famous after he died. Nipper the dog was born in 1884 and was given the name Nipper due to his tendency to bite the back of people's legs. During his lifetime he lived in the Prince's Theatre were his owner, Mark Henry Barraud, worked as a scenery designer. When Barraud died in 1887 Nipper was then looked after by Barraud's two brothers Philip and Francis. Nipper himself died in 1895 and was buried in a small park in Kingston upon Thames. Today the site is occupied by a branch of Lloyds Bank but he is commemorated in the form of this cul-de-sac some 100m up the road. The name Nipper Alley was bestowed upon it in 2010. Three years after Nipper's death Francis Barraud painted a picture of Nipper listening to a wind-up Edison-Bell cylinder phonograph. Barraud took the painting of the Edison-Bell company however they rejected it on the grounds that a dog would never listen to such a device. Barraud then tried his luck with The Gramophone Company who suggested if he replaced the phonograph with one of their Berliner disc gramophones they would be interested in it. Once amended The Gramophone Company paid £50 for the painting and £50 for the copyright. To this day the image of Nipper listening to the sounds coming out the gramophone is still in use.

Which music label and store logo does the image of Nipper the dog feature on?

We were joined last week by Snoskred and a beautiful silhouette of a tree in the half light. Jack had carefully set the plate for Santa's arrival on Christmas only to be thwarted by brother Noah. Also in the Christmas spirit was Sophie who found a magnificent display of Christmas lights. Christmas and a birthday all came at once for Susan. With a piano being tuned was it a case of play us a tune Sue? Stealing all the attention once again was Kelly's gorgeous dog. Finally, Kara's daughter has been testing the water.

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Sunday Snap

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I'll share my favourites with you next week and remember I do like a bit of a tale to go with a photo but it's not a necessity!


  1. I'm not sure on this one but I think HMV but that's only because it's the only shop I know with a dog in the logo. x x

  2. I'm going to say that Nipper features on HMV's logo! It's iconic!

  3. I have no idea at all (hopeless at this)

  4. Hehe well I definitely know I've seen it but I wasn't sure where. Luckily the others who've commented have clearly got it right! What a lovely story x

  5. I think I know exactly which photo you mean as well. What a really interesting story. Nipper sounds a bit of a monkey though ;)

  6. It's definitely HMV, though I never knew he was an ankle biter!

  7. I'm going to say HMV along with everyone else! What an interesting story though! I've just found your blog, I'll definitely be back to link up again!

  8. That's a lovely story. And I agree with the others that it's HMV.

  9. HMV - because Nipper was listening to to a recording of His Master's Voice!

    I love listening to records, so was very pleased to find a local branch of HMV especially as the vinyl section has recently been expanded.


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