Wednesday 27 January 2016

6 easy ways to add a personal touch to your home in 2016

We've got a little obsessed about interiors at the moment. Upstairs we have been going from room to room making the kids' bedroom their own personal spaces. Gone are the yellow walls in Master JibberJabber's room which we chose before he was born. Instead of the yellow he has been picking out paint, wallpaper and bed linen of his choice. With some of the leftover wallpaper we've even decoupaged an old stool so Peppa Pig has turned into the Avengers!

Over in Miss JibberJabber's bedroom a feature wall has been created with just two rolls of wallpaper. Going round a whole room in wallpaper can be very expensive and overbearing so we've just done the one wall. The other great thing about a feature wall is it can also be very easy if you just need to put up wallpaper along a straight wall - no awkward shapes to cut or tricky corners to go round.

It's been some years since we first moved into our house and we are still changing things and getting the décor just how we like it. For other people who have just moved into a new property it can be a little daunting at just how many things need to done in order to call a place 'home'. Today, I've a guest post for you with lots of cunning ideas of how to make where you live a home that has your personal touch to it.

"You've just moved into your own home or rented accommodation and things are looking a little, well, bare. However, it's so easy to add a personal touch your home without any drastic DIY jobs or expense - here's how:

1. Incorporate some memories into your décor
Photographs are one of the easiest ways of adding that personal touch to your home. Featuring you and your favourite people, they are uplifting decorative pieces that can be hung on the walls or dotted round the house on the surfaces in ornate frames. Alternatively, this geometric wall display is a great idea, using string and photos to create a fun arrangement that's totally different from the usual gallery walls.

2. Get crafty
Décor in your home that's been made by your own fair hands will always add a personal touch. Head to a site such as Homecraft craft supplies and start making items, such as pottery pieces for plants, candles to dot around the home or a crochet kit that teaches you how to make a comfortable blanket you can cosy up in and display on the sofa when it’s not in use.

3. Put up lampshades
Many people move into a new home and neglect to hang lampshades on their ceiling lights, leaving them bare and without much character. Your lighting preferences can speak volumes about your tastes and personality, whether you opt for an oversized fitting that creates a striking focal point in the room or a dainty chandelier style piece.

4. Create an accent wall
One of the easiest ways to add some personality to your home is to create an accent wall, either by adding a coat of paint in a bright colour you love or some striking wallpaper. Alternatively a large tapestry rug, hung on this wall, will have the same effect or you could hang one of these fun giraffe heads from Urban Outfitters on the wall for a quirky, personal touch.

5. Add some greenery
Plants are a great way of adding some personality to your place, whether you're more of a 'cactus with minimal care required' type of person or an 'orchid that requires as much attention as a house cat' sort, there's plenty of choice out there that can help reflect your personality.

6. Change handles on doors and drawers
It’s easy to swap out handles on everyday items for more interesting ones, or you could even use items such as old toys to create your own. This tutorial teaches you how to create some fun dinosaur handles that can be used on your dresser, they’re easy to make and add a quirky, personal touch to your home.

When it comes to adding a personal touch to your home don't be afraid to really embrace the things you enjoy and incorporate them into your décor. Remember, a home is meant to be lived in, not displayed like a showroom - so have some fun with it!"

What are your top tips for adding that personal touch to your home?


  1. Love the idea of an accent wall - great suggestions here. Mind you, I think it's the idea of incorporating the Avengers which my son would love!

  2. Great ideas here. Adding personal touches really makes a huge difference to a feel of a room

  3. Great ideas! We are currently having a new bathroom and then moving on to the rest of the house. I can't wait until it's all done x

  4. The great thing about feature walls, is that you can pick a wall that's not a thoroughfare, so there isn't the risk of the wallpaper getting chipped or torn and it lasts so much longer!

  5. Some fab tips there. I have really plain painted walls but it does mean we can mix things up with accessories easily

  6. Great suggestions, I need to do something to mine as I tend to go overboard with quite a plain magnolia theme lol! x

  7. I am planning on redecorating our front room but have no idea what to do with it


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