Tuesday 14 April 2015

Newcastle is #betterwithcake!

For the last weekend of the Easter holidays we headed to Newcastle. It also happened to be our 17th wedding anniversary. It was definitely sunnier than all those years ago but I do remember it being just as cold!
Newcastle is an excellent city for strolling around. It has fine architecture from its many bridges (including the famous Tyne Bridge) to streets filled with elegant 19th century buildings.
To help us fuel our day we were stocked up with a selection of Mr Kipling cakes. You can't have any kind of wedding celebration without some cake! Daughter JibberJabber was designated Keeper of the Cakes.
After taking in Newcastle's history it was time for something else that Newcastle is known for – its shopping! From large department stores, enormous shopping malls and quirky independent shops there's a retail experience for everybody to enjoy. We met with a Minion outside one store (it was Dave the Minion apparently), designed a potential new advertising logo in a bookshop and got tempted by all the toys (including large screen televisions).
After such hard work it was time for a break. Master JibberJabber went straight for the Viennese Whirls. The local pigeons liked the look of them too which resulted in Master JibberJabber having to defend his shortcake sandwich.
It was a tough choice for Mr JibberJabber but he went for the Cherry Bakewell – after he had eaten a Viennese Whirl! My favourite are the Cherry Bakewells. I love anything with almonds in. For Miss JibberJabber it had to be one of the French Fancies but which colour do you go for first?

Which is your favourite Mr Kipling cake? What did you do in the Easter holidays?

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  1. Have visited Newcastle many times for work and play and always think it is a lovely city. Great pictures. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.


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