Tuesday 28 April 2015

Another Bluebell Wood

After our visit last week to a bluebell wood we decided to go in search of another bluebell wood this weekend. Somewhere we had passed before was Whitwell Woods but we had never stopped. A search on the Forestry Commission site showed not only the extent of the woods but a selection of easy trails to follow.
As soon as we stepped into the woods the bluebells were clear to see. Covering the ground and stretching on and on.
One thing that I was disappointed about last week was the lack of native bluebells. If you are unsure as to how a native British bluebell should look like then look no further than the above specimen. A brilliant cobalt blue with all the little bell shaped flowers hanging down on one side.
It's not just bluebells on the woodland floor. The wild garlic is fresh and where the sun gets through the white flowers have opened.
More white flowers run wild in the form of wood anemones.
The paths are wide and straight. The trails are well marked and we were glad of it as the wood is huge and side paths go off into the unknown.
Many ancient woodlands have been under threat for years from the relentless march of humans and the need to chop and build. Sometimes though it is nature itself that endangers the woodland. Here a bolt of lightning has ripped through a tree taking one of the large branches off.
I couldn't leave the woods without doing a bit of birdwatching. We did see a great spotted woodpecker but by the time I had changed my camera lens the little blighter had flown off. In fact the birds of Whitwell Woods on the whole seemed to be rather camera shy. Just before we left I managed one shot of a male chaffinch. I'll be back though.

Joining Rambling Woods for Nature Notes.



  1. Absolutely stunning pictures. What a gorgeous wood. Fabulous

    1. I haven't been to these woods before but I can't imagine that they can look any better than when the bluebells are out.

  2. I love the forest in early spring! The bluebells are fantastic.

  3. Gorgeous photos, it all looks so beautiful and peaceful there. Thanks for transporting me there with your photos.

  4. The bluebells are lovely and the Chaffinch is a handsome bird. Wonderful images..

  5. I am planning to do some bluebell hunting this weekend. It's so lovely when everything explodes into colour!

  6. I would rather nature take a tree than man. We do enough damage to the planet. It is so funny, but I am reading a book that takes places in the UK and it describes a walk though the bluebell woods and now I know exactly what a bluebell looks like. I love learning about nature...Michelle

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely time walking though the woods and taking in the gorgeous sights.xx

  8. What a lovely timeout; made me feel like going walking in the woods. Love you bluebells pic; I keep trying to capture but I'm not sure with the lighting; always too much ... maybe one day hey. And those birds, what's their problem? They really need to understand they make such good pictures. They are too quick to faly away! #PointShoot


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