Thursday 1 May 2014

No Waste Food Challenge April 2014 round up

It's been a privilege this month to be the guest host of the No Waste Food Challenge on behalf on Elizabeth of Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary. I'm amazed at the variety of recipes you have all shared and the inventive ways you have come up with to combat food waste. Without further ado this is what you have been making this month.

First out of the blocks was Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe. Posted on 1st April her recipe for Pumpkin and tofu ricotta canneloni was no joke however. Instead it was a cunning way to use up her pumpkin and leeks from her vegetarian roast dinner. It also made enough for two days' worth of meals.
I can't say that when we have pasta there's ever any leftover but it's no surprise that Corina of Searching for Spice found she did. After going to the trouble of making her own pasta, yes actually making it, she found she had enough for another meal. With some more leftover goodies in the form of sun-dried tomatoes Corina was able to whip up in no time Tagliatelle with Chorizo, Garlic and Sundried Tomatoes.

What do you do with over-ripe bananas? The usual answer is banana bread or mixed in a carrot cake. Kate at Gluten Free Alchemist has been dreaming up new ways to to use the bananas that she keeps buying but never getting round to eat. Her latest cunning recipe is Chocolate-Banana-Coconut Macaroon Cookies and as usual completely gluten-free.

When it comes to party ideas do you struggle coming up with a theme? Janet from The Taste Space had a definite idea when it came to organizing her vegan get-together – mustard. However, her little gathering did generate some leftovers and with her idea for Roasted Cauliflower and Mustard-Hummus Rice Bowl with Garlicky Spinach.

When the world gives you lemons you make...Basil and lemon frangipane tart. Chris from Cooking Around The World did in fact buy too lemons for no particular reason and had a basil plant that could have been left to die a natural death but instead decided to make this delight.

I asked you to have a spring clean of your cupboards this month and Laura at I'd Much Rather Bake Than did just that to find some packets of porridge oats than were only going to be used if she baked with them. The result was some peanut butter, oats and M&M Monster Cookies.

A full on clear out was the order of the day at Anne's Kitchen. Gooseberry jam that was too sharp on its own to eat, little currants left over from Hot Cross Buns and some unpalatable sweet wine. Thankfully now a mere memory in the form of Boozy Gooseberry and Currant Pudding Cake.

Something always hard to judge is how much frosting you need to cover a cake. Any leftovers can be a bit sickly on their own but Ros from The more than occasional baker came up with the idea of making Chocolate Chip Cookies made from Leftover Chocolate Frosting. No more bowls of frosting lurking in the fridge unused!

We can all at times be a bit unsure about trying new tastes but Sudha at Spicy, Quirky and Serendipitous was persuaded by her husband to try Turkey. Needing something else to add to some turkey breasts she came up with To Soul Mates and Turkey Meat balls.

Annie at A Working Mum's Cookbook obviously seems like a very sensible woman especially since she took my advice and had a clear out of her kitchen cupboards! An assortment of half used bags of nut, seeds and dried fruits were turned in to granola style No-bake Oat and Seed Bars.

A fridge raid by Jane at Onions and Paper yielded enough ingredients to make Potato Salad, Chinese Leaf and carrot salad, Risotto, Gardeners' pie and Mixed savoury soda bread scones (recipe included). Jane, we salute you! Never go shopping without emptying your fridge first.

Still got Easter eggs from this year to eat? Still got Easter eggs from last year to eat? Even Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog has been guilty of this but no food waste crime has been committed as she mixed them all together for Leftover Easter Egg Chocolate Ice Cream. A hint of fresh mint and vanilla added to the flavour of this no-churn ice cream.

Chris' Vegetable Lasagne comes with a caveat – Warning: Extremely delicious! A whole host of veggies in this pasta dish plus the unusual addition of some grated radishes.

I've always been someone who would rather eat a toasted sandwich than a cold sandwich and Shaheen at Allotment 2 Kitchen knew cooking was the way to go to make the best of some tortillas. A packed filling meant these Wild Garlic, Mushroom and Brie Quesadillas more than just a light snack.

Sudha's blog is called Spicy, Quirky and Serendipitous because she likes to put ingredients together and see how they come out. Instead of using chicken or vegetables some leftover chocolate chips became the filling for Chocolate Momos/Dumplings.

A random recipe meant that Alexandra aka The Lass in The Apron was able to make full use of some preserves and spirits in her bulging cupboards. Apricot-orange marmalade and Grand Marnier combined for an Apricot Soufflé Cake.

Quite often food is wasted because there isn't enough to feed everyone in the house so Jac at Tinned Tomatoes took advantage of a lunch by herself and some mozzarella and sweetcorn left in the fridge. A honey mustard dressing later and they were transformed into Rocket and Mozzarella Farfalle Salad.

Eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs – that's right five eggs. That's how many Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen needed for her Mexican Tortilla Bake. A great use for surplus eggs plus a range of vegetables that needed using and some leftover roast lamb. A perfect no waste food meal.

In a panic not to run out of food during the Pesach holiday Helen from Family-Friends-Food overbought and needed to find a way of using up perishables before their time was up. A Tomato and mozzarella stuffed mushrooms bake was just the thing to provide a filling meal for all the family to enjoy.

Sunnier and lighter days this month has given Laura from How To Cook Good Food the need for some food to match it. A find of chicken stock in the freezer provided the inspiration for a Spring Vegetable Broth.

Flapjacks made from leftovers which were leftovers themselves – nothing goes to waste in Choclette's Cornish kitchen. With a jar of jam which had been stashed away in the cupboard the result was a mega quick and easy batch of Jammy Flapjacks.

Chicken soup really is good for the soul as Cheryl at Madhouse Family Reviews has found out. It's also excellent at getting the most out of a whole chicken too as she found with her Chicken & Vegetable Soup.

One of the best things about sourdough bread is that it makes great toast a couple of days after it is made. Rather than just spread it with some butter our No Waste Food Challenge hostess Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary decided to pair it with some fine local Shetland cheese for her Bruschetta with St. Ninians Soft Cheese and Smoked Sea Salt.

More of the dreaded preserves were standing idle on Galina of Chez Maximka's kitchen shelf. A sip of Limoncello and Almond and marmalade biscotti was created. They are so good it shouldn't be long before all the marmalade and Limoncello are used up.

Finally for this month was my offering in the form of Easter Simnel Cupcakes. I put to use some mincemeat from my vast store and some open bags of dried fruit. The decoration makes them Easter themed but without balls and crosses they'll be good for all year round.

Many thanks for all the recipes you have linked up this month. I am now sending you over to Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen so you can send her all your food waste busting ideas for May.


  1. A fantastic mammoth round up! My mouth is watering looking at all those delicious photos! Thank you ever so much for hosting the No Waste Food Challenge this month! Now... I need to go eat something...! :)

  2. What a gorgeous round-up. As always there are so many delicious recipes here. Thank you!

  3. A fab round up, so many mouthwatering recipes. I love the sound of pumpkin cannelloni among many other marvellous dishes. Lots if inspiration!

  4. So many yummy and inspiring recipes. Thank you so much for hosting, I am particularly taken by the Basil and Lemon Frangipane Tart - yum

  5. Fab roundup - great to see what everyone has lurking in their cupboards too, I feel less alone !

  6. What a clever, resourceful bunch of cooks! Lovely round up!!

  7. Thanks for including me. Great roundup :)


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