Tuesday 22 October 2013

After Eight Desserts - Review

After Eight Chocolate Mint Desserts

When you get an email asking if you want to try After Eight Chocolate desserts you don't get much time to think about it because you're too busy typing, “Yes please and lots of them.” I will say I wasn't that rude but I can confirm I was genuinely excited about their impeding delivery. The fact of matter is I love After Eight mints and judging by the response from the other occupants at JibberJabber Towers I know they were fans too.

The arrival of the After Eight desserts was preceded by an unexpected gift of a Bodum cafetière and Whittard Breakfast Blend coffee. This is all about enjoying them with a cup of coffee and good book, so the blurb goes. Sadly, I'm not a coffee drinker but this was much appreciated by those who do like it. Just one thing about the delivery of the After Eight desserts. They came from Tesco home delivery and I have never had a supermarket home delivery before. The driver handed me a carrier bag and gave me a funny look. I didn't get why at first but then realised he must have thought I was some desperate chocolate pudding obsessed madwoman to pay to have just 4 packs of After Eight desserts sent to my home address.

So what did they taste like? Did they live up to expectations? Well, let's just say they didn't make it past eight o'clock to be consumed. If you don't like After Eight mints in their traditional form then move along now. Quite simply they are the mint fondant middle topped with smooth dark chocolate. They may not look like the largest of pots but any bigger and they could have verged on the sickly side. My daughter wanted another straight away but had to be persuaded to wait until the next night. My son liked the dark chocolate but seemed to find the mint section slightly too strong. It can be tough pleasing a two year old. Mr JibberJabber and I loved them. They came into them own the next night when we had a spicy Mexican meal and finished off with one each. What an amazing palate cleanser and they had a lovely cooling effect.
Mint fondant with dark chocolate topping
After Eight desserts come in packs of two pots and retail at around £1.19 from the big four supermarkets. All the deliciousness of an After Eight mint without the annoyance of finding empty wrappers put back into the box.

I was sent the After Eight desserts, Bodum cafetière, and Whittard coffee for review. Opinions are my own honest thoughts and the testing squad at JibberJabber Towers. No payment was made for writing this post but please send more desserts if possible.

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