Wednesday 20 March 2019

Time to Unwind: 8 Top Destinations for a Carefree Break

Being a working adult is stressful enough, throw in the fact that you are also a parent, and everything just gets ten times tougher. As happy as you may be with your life, it never hurts to take some time to unwind every now and again, which is why you should take your holiday seriously. This means heading to a relaxing destination for a change rather than opting for an activity holiday, even if it means being a little bit selfish.

To find the destinations around the globe that are perfect for a carefree break, make sure to read on.

When it comes to being carefree, Cyprus is a destination that fits the bill. It is an island that is full of golden beaches, terraced vineyards, and serene olive groves — what's not to find relaxing about it? By choosing to stay in one of the villas in Cyprus that are made available by James Villa Holidays, you will be able to enjoy everything about this carefree setting from equally carefree accommodation.

Iceland might not be the hottest destination on this list, but what it lacks in temperature is more than made up for by the warmth of its locals. Wherever you go in Iceland, whether it's a small coffee shop in Reykjavik or the Blue Lagoon, you will find a laid-back atmosphere where everybody will do anything for anyone.

If you're looking to real distress while you're out on your travels, then Iceland's mystical land will help you do just that. There are stories of fairies and elves to be found at every corner, and the magic that you come across will feel like a tonic to you as you seek to escape the hustle and bustle of life back home.

You don't need to head to Bangkok to enjoy the wonders of Thailand, you know — in fact, if it is your mission to enjoy a carefree holiday, then you should avoid this populous city at all costs. Instead, you should head to a place like Krabi. This seaside utopia is just about as relaxing as any other destination on planet earth, Here, you can enjoy the various spa resorts that are dotted around the Railay Beach area, or you can venture off the mainland to explore the serene surrounding islands. No matter what it is you choose to do in this little corner of Thailand, you will be sure to de-stress.

Belize is one of the lesser known Central American countries — that doesn't make it any less carefree than the rest, though. In Belize, you can enjoy pure, unadulterated relaxation. Whether you choose to check out its ancient Mayan ruins or whether you decide to explore its plentiful rain forests, you will find yourself losing touch with the reality of your busy life back home in an instant.

When you head to Portugal's alluring Algarve, especially, you will be able to enjoy a truly carefree experience. Here, the beaches are to die for — it's no wonder, then, that throngs of beach lovers flock here year in, year out to soak up the sun.

If laying on the beach for hours isn't particularly your thing, however, then, fear not, as there are plenty of other things to do and enjoy on the Algarve beaches. One activity that you could partake in, for instance, is yoga. The Algarve is quickly garnering a reputation for itself as being Europe's 'yoga capital' — where's the harm in making your carefree holiday as relaxing as it can be by taking a yoga class? By doing so, you will be able to reconnect your mind, body, and soul, and you will be able to do so while the sun is beating down on you.

To hit the reset button on your life, you need to take a step back from reality and try something that is wholly new to you. When you visit Nepal, you will be able to do just that. This de-stress destination is littered with places, such as Pokhara, that offer picturesque views. Here, you will also find many spas that are dedicated solely to helping you reignite your inner peace.

India, what with all of its traffic and noise, might not initially come to mind when you think about carefree holiday destinations. There are parts of it, however, that offer optimum relaxation. Hampi, for instance, is a destination that is sure to de-stress you, whether you spend a few days, a few weeks, or a few months there. Here, you will be able to check out the kinds of monuments and landscapes that you have, so far in your life, only seen on postcards — there's the Virupaksha Temple for you to unearth and feast your eyes upon, for instance.

If you're willing to travel far and wide to get your dose of relaxation, then you should consider putting Australia on your travelling hit list. Here, no matter where it is you go, you will encounter as laid-back an atmosphere as you will find anywhere else on earth.

To truly unwind, you should head to Byron Bay. Here, due to its ultra chilled out attitude and its bevy of relaxing things to do, such as catching the waves on a surfboard, it'll only be a matter of minutes until you feel completely relaxed and de-stressed. 

To truly enjoy a carefree break from your reality back home, you have to be careful when it comes to choosing your holiday destination. You can't just book a flight to anywhere — you have to make sure that where you are flying to is going to de-stress you in the best and most relaxing way possible. Whether, then, you choose to head to Cyprus, Thailand, Belize, Australia, or any of the other destinations listed above, make sure that you don't take your decision lightly. Picking the right holiday destination is essential if you want to truly hit the reset button on your life.

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