Thursday 29 November 2018

Love Cake November 2018 round up

There's been bakes inspired by travels and the season this month. Let's see what everyone has been making this month.
Over at Tea and Cake for the Soul there has been a fusion between sweet and savoury with a batch of Chocolate Saltine Toffee. With a base of saltine crackers they are covered with chocolate, nuts and dried fruit for the ultimate taste bud combination.
With the weather getting colder I made a warming Citrus Gingerbread. It's full of spices but also has the addition of mixed dried fruit with candied peel in it and a helping of marmalade.
There's no escaping Christmas now especially since the cake has been made. Each year I make a Rich Fruit Celebration Christmas Cake weeks in advance of the big day. I start preparing the cake the day before by soaking the dried fruits in alcohol overnight. The next day the rest of the ingredients are added before it is baked low and slow. Every couple of weeks the cake is fed with alcohol before it is finally covered with marzipan and icing.

It's the big Christmas countdown next month so I'll be back in a couple of days with December's Love Cake.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my recipe. I hope you enjoyed it.


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