Monday 29 October 2018

Love Cake October 2018 round up

The clocks have changed and the leaves have been blown off the trees. You can really feel autumn marching onto winter now. It's the perfect time of year to settle down for cup of a slice of cake...but I could say that for any month! Let's see what everyone has been baking in October.
It's a time for autumn fruits and pear and walnut is a classic combination. With an abundance of locally grown goodies from the Garden of England, Kent based Gluten Free Alchemist Kate has found seasonal ingredients to create Gluten Free Autumn Windfall Pear and Walnut Brownies. The soft pear works well with the natural squishiness and then have a bit of crunch from the walnuts.
Also making best use of seasonal fruit has been Choclette at Tin and Thyme. With a glut of apples to use up she has made Upside-Down Apple Cake. For extra apple flavour a dash of cider has been added along with cardamom pods and a combination of flours.
I went for a fruit based cake as well but the autumn flavour came from the spice. For Banana and Chocolate Cake along with the main flavours cinnamon has been mixed in.
For our final cake of this month it's a bake for the final day of the month. The shops are now filled with Halloween merchandise but there's always room for a homemade cake! This Vampire Bat Cake is simply a chocolate layer cake with a couple of circles cut out of it and then rearranged. Perfect for kids to make!

Thank you to everyone who joined in this month. I'll be in a couple of days with November's Love Cake.

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