Wednesday 15 November 2017

Gifts for all with the #sdfiverchallenge

I like to get the majority of my Christmas shopping done by December. It then means we get the chance to enjoy the all the events and fun in the last weeks leading up to Christmas. The one thing I find I struggle with is all the little presents. Before I know it I have a long list of gifts to buy and a number of shops spread across a wide area to visit. If only I could everything in one place at a great price...Sports Direct to the rescue!

I love having a rummage around Sports Direct as it is a real treasure trove. At this time of year though time is of the essence so I decided to go online. My aim was to pick out a selection of items for stocking fillers and a couple of other items as well. The budget? Every item for £5 or less. It seemed a tough ask but I was up for the challenge.

Master JibberJabber loves his superhero characters. After spending a week in school uniform he loves being able to pull on a Marvel or DC top. As he has plenty of T-shirts so I thought it would be nice to have something with long sleeves therefore I went for this Justice League top featuring Batman, Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern for jut £4.00.
When Master JibberJabber goes to a friend's birthday party or the school disco he like to be a bit smarter but still keep with his superhero clothing. This time I went for a Marvel short sleeved shirt with Spiderman, Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain American making up the design. A proper bobby dazzler of a shirt and a snip at £4.50.
Socks for Christmas? Absolutely. No stocking is complete without at least a pair or at these prices three each. Now Master and Mr JibberJabber can join forces together by mixing together The Hulk, Spiderman and Captain America. All for £3.99 for three pairs.
With the new Star Wars film coming out at Christmas it's the perfect opportunity to stock up on a bit of merchandise. The Star Wars films are such classics any of the artwork images don't really date. I'm sure this The Force Awakens T-shirt priced at £3.99 will fit in well with Mr JibberJabber's existing collection of Star Wars items. 
As ever Miss JibberJabber will be waiting for her letter from Hogwarts to arrive. I fear she will just have to make do this is Harry Potter badge set instead. At £1.69 it's a lot cheaper than a whole new school uniform plus wand and broomstick.
Lastly a must for any nearly teenager – a set of earphones. I don't know about you but we seem to have a black hole in our house where all earphones disappear into. Just so we can identify who owns these they have a funky zip design for the cables. With a price tag of £2 I should stocked up for the coming year.

How are doing with your Christmas shopping? Have you looked at the range of gifts at Sports Direct?

All prices and stock levels correct at time of writing.

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