Thursday 24 August 2017

Renishaw Hall Gardens in August 2017

We seem to be spending most of our time at the moment dodging or braving the rain if we go outside. It probably explains why we haven't been to Renishaw Hall for ages but it is August and therefore hydrangea season so a visit at this time of year is a must.

I think the hydrangea display at Renishaw is the best I have seen. When they are out in full bloom the display by the gate is just so pretty.
It's not just the quantity of hydrangeas at Renishaw that is impressive but the variety of them. They have the biggest white hydrangeas.
The most brilliant blue...
and the most delicate white and blue blooms.
Don't forget the pink lacecaps with either pink flowers...
or blue flowers.
Renishaw is more than its hydrangeas and as it is summer the herbaceous borders are looking at their best. The obelisks are painted in the Renishaw teal blue and they go perfectly with the pink and purple colour scheme.
Elsewhere there's definite touch of autumn in the air and on the ground with the leaves starting to turn colour and drop.
As the skies started to darken we decided to make our way to the exit. It was only after we had left that I realised I hadn't been to see how Lee Bestall design that he has transferred from RHS Chatsworth Flower Show was looking in its permanent home. It just means we need to go back another day!

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