Thursday 22 October 2015

Halloween Beers

Halloween beers beer real ale ales
If you thought Halloween was just about carving pumpkins, dressing up in freaky costumes and tormenting the neighbours with demands for sweets then think again. As with most events these there's a beer to go with the occasion and Mr JibberJabber has been on the search for best Halloween themed beers.

Pumpking – Wychwood Brewery 500ml ABV 3.8%

The Oxfordshire based Wychwood Brewery have established themselves as the brewers of Halloween beer. Their Hobgoblin ale is available all year round but for Halloween they pull out the stops with some seasonal treats. Pumpking is actually brewed with pumpkin plus some warming spices. The ruby coloured ale also has hints of toffee and dried fruit for the perfect October drink.

Dunkel Fester – Wychwood Brewery 500ml ABV 4.4%

Not content with Pumpking Wychwood Brewery have decided for 2015 to bring out a new Halloween beer. Dunkel Fester is of course a play on the name Uncle Fester from The Addams Family while Dunkel is a style of dark German beer. The beer is 'disturbingly dark' and has a red tinge to add to its colour. The taste of it has flavours of coffee and roasted nuts with a fruity finish.

Pendle Witches Brew – Moorhouse's Brewery 500ml ABV 5.1%

The Pendle Witches were a group of women tried for causing the death of 10 people through the use of witchcraft in 1612. The Lancashire based Moorhouse's Brewery remembers this local event with a surprisingly light golden beer. Its bitter-sweet flavours come from citrus and fruity tones.

Blond Witch – Moorhouse's Brewery 500ml ABV 4.5%

If you prefer blondes when it comes to your ales and witches then Moorhouse's has got your Halloween beer choice sorted. Blond Witch is a smooth, fruity beer with a golden yellow appearance.

Death's head Hawk-moth Stout – From the Notebook 500ml ABV 5.0%
Perhaps not a real Halloween beer but hey, if it's got 'death' in its name it will fit into Halloween. From the Notebook are a range of different beers brewed by different breweries all with the theme of wildlife conservation. This stout is brewed by Welbeck Abbey Brewery and is said to be the perfect partner to red meat. For each sale 10p is donated to Butterfly Conservation

Bechstein's Bat – From the Notebook 500ml 4.9%

Another offering From the Notebook and this one is brewed for them by Stroud Brewery. How can you have Halloween without some bats? This is actually an organic lager which is approved by the Vegan Society. The style of the lager is taken from 'stein' in the bat's name and for once it is a lager with some flavour. The charity benefiting from sales of this bottle is of course the Bats Conservation Trust.

Spooks Ale – Shepherd Neame Brewery 500ml ABV 4.7%

Back to a full-on Halloween brew with 'The Official Ghost Brew for All Hallows'.A blend of three roasted barley malts gives it a biscuity finish with a haunting red hue. Apparently drinking it will give you protection from ghouls! Just don't start mixing your beer with some spirits though...

Remember to drink responsibly folks. What will you be your choice of tipple this Halloween?  
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