Thursday 25 June 2015

Brodsworth Hall gardens

Brodsworth Hall gardens English Heritage Doncaster South Yorkshire
On Sunday since it was Father's Day we decided to pop over to Brodsworth Hall like we did last year. The main draw for going on this certain day is the excellent classic car rally that takes place but of course it being June the gardens have so much to offer as well.
Last year I focused on the rose garden simply because it was so fabulous with the whole area heavy with deep green leaves and dripping with beautiful heritage roses. As if proof is needed that the weather this year has been much colder and greyer than last year the rose garden this year was actually a tad disappointing.
I guess if I hadn't been spoilt last year by such a glorious display I would walked down the pergola taking in every single rose that was in bloom. After all if you look at the photograph above you can easily imagine it leading to some fantasy fairy land.
Even with the a limited display and a nose full of hayfever you could still get a whiff of the fragrant rose scent drifting through the air.
Brodsworth isn't just about the rose garden though. At the back of the house beyond the croquet lawn is the formal flower garden. Through the year seasonal planting makes the most of the parterre arrangement. At the moment the bright red salvias draw the eye in.
If such high Victorian formality is not your style then round the corner is the Grotto or Fern Dell. This Italian inspired rock garden was made from stone cut from nearby quarries. I have to say if I was disappointed by the lack of roses I have never seen this part of the garden look so good.
To get a feel of this garden you need to go up and down every single path and step and over and under the bridges and tunnels. The ivy has wrapped itself round the chains on the bridge whilst the bee hives overlook the ferns and hardy geraniums.
Making use of the the natural gravity is a small water feature running through some of the 150 species of ferns in the garden.
Brodsworth isn't just about themed gardens. There are large areas where the grass has been allowed to grow long and wild. Amongst the grasses rustling in the breeze are several species of orchid with the bee orchid standing out the most.

Are your flowers late in blooming this year? Have you noticed a difference in the garden this year?

This week's How Does Your Garden Grow? is being hosted over with the lovely Gemma Garner.



  1. I'd love to wander around the grotto or fern dale. How amazing to get to see bee orchids as well.

  2. what a gorgeous place. i would definitely be paying more attention to the flowers than the cars as well

  3. It looks a mysterious place to explore with the variety of planting and different areas of interest. I love how the ivy has entwined around the chains, looks enchanting. The roses are flourishing in my garden, it's a little warm pocket though, I have noticed on pictures that the veg at the allotment was way ahead last year.

  4. Sounds like it was a good day out for both of you :) The way you describe going up and down every path and in tunnels make it sound like quite a maze. Exploring is a good way to spend the day. Those cream roses are beautiful, I wish I could smell them. Thanks for joining in today!

  5. Looks fab and I bet the car rally was equally as impressive as that ivy on the chains forming swags - it's the best use of ivy I've ever seen! #hdygg


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