Wednesday 25 June 2014

Where it all began

As a food blogger I'm often asked, “When did you start cooking?” so I thought I would take you back to the place where it all began. My first foray into cookery was naturally in my parents' kitchen which we shared with my Nan.

On Friday evenings I used to play tennis and Nan started to prepare a meaty bolognese sometime in the afternoon. My Brother and I were dispatched to the local greengrocer to buy a quarter of a pound of mushrooms and a green pepper. Nan used to add them straight away but if I had my way I would leave them just until the last moment so they were warmed through but the pepper still had a crunch to it. Tinkering with recipes even then.

Nan used to make some delicious cakes. One was a chocolate loaf cake covered with more chocolate and decorated with glacé cherries and walnuts. I've searched through all the cook books but never been able to find the recipe for it. One of my favourite dishes is contained in the bottom cook book by wartime food heroine Marguerite Patten. It's a typical simple but filling dish of luncheon meat with the richest cheese sauce you have ever tasted plus a sprinkling of breadcrumbs. It has to be served with peas, mashed potato and onion sauce. I've never made it myself for fear of disappointment as my Mum's version is so good.

Years ago companies used to encourage you to buy their brands by offering useful items of kitchen equipment in return. Do you think the ones offered by companies today would last nearly 50 years? This pastry board has seen hundreds of balls of dough rolled out on it but yet it still looks brand new.

When I go into the kitchen these days there's often a big pan sitting on the hob with chutney simmering away in it. My Mum makes use of any fruit and vegetables she is given by her Women's Institute friends to raise funds for her W.I branch. All the jars are given brand new lids to stop any previous flavours and smells transferring to the new chutney. These are then sterilised before the fresh chutney goes in.

If there's one reason to go back to your parents' then it has to be for Sunday lunch. Mum makes a mean lunch with a ton of vegetables to go with it. If I'm in attendance I'm in charge of pudding which usually is a fruit crumble.

If there's a roast then there has to be Batters. This is London so there will be no Yorkshire Puddings in this kitchen! The secret to a good rise is two eggs and a very hot oven.

After a big lunch there's always going to be a lot of washing up and one thing I've never had is a dishwasher unless you count Mr JibberJabber. For the record my Dad says that Fairy Platinum are the best and says 'thanks' for the gift.

This post is an entry for the "My Kitchen Story" Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum.

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  1. Love this post and how you paint pictures with your words. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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