Thursday 15 May 2014

V8 V-Fusion Drink - Review

V8 V-Fusion Drink
When I told Mr JibberJabber that some new V8 V-Fusion was winging its way to us to try I could tell he wasn't that impressed, “Isn't that the vegetable juice stuff?” I did say we should give it a go but I could tell he was unconvinced. A couple of days later when the V8 arrived I had a very pleasant surprise. Whilst V8 are still making their range of vegetable juices they have now started to combine fruit and vegetable juices.

The V-Fusion I received was a mixture of Passion Fruit, Mango and Carrot. All flavours that I thought would work well together. Upon inspecting the ingredients I found that it's actually a combination of five juices – sweet potato, apple, carrot, orange and passion fruit juice plus mango purée. The upshot of this means that a 250ml serving accounts for not one but two of your 5 a day (or is now 7 or even 10?!).

Apparently V8 V-Fusion can be found 'in the ambient aisles' of supermarkets. By this I take it is located on the shelves with the other long life juices. I decided to chill it first and we all had some to accompany our dinner. A clever design feature means that when you open it by turning the green lid it breaks the keep-fresh seal inside so you don't have to start stabbing at it in a dangerous fashion. If you didn't drink it in one go it would also help to keep it far fresher than normal containers. My only gripe with the packaging is it has no recycling information on it. I don't know if it can be classed as cardboard (which my council recycles) or if it's straight to landfill.

Once opened I could immediately smell the passion fruit in the juice. I for one love passion fruit and one of my favourite drinks contains it. My daughter also said it tasted like that drink too. Master JibberJabber drunk his very quickly and then asked, “Can I have some more juice please?”. Even Mr JibberJabber enjoyed it. All in all we were sold and could have quite easily gulped down another carton.

V8 V-Fusion is also made in a Raspberry and Beetroot variety. Although fruit is naturally high in sugar there's no added sugar or artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives. Nor is watered down in anyway. If you're looking to getting more fruit and veg into both yourself and your kids this could be a very easy and delicious way.

I was sent a carton of V8 V-Fusion to try. The words, opinions and photograph are my own.

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