Monday 21 October 2013

Halloween Spooky Fruit

Forget pumpkins this Halloween - it's all about the fruit!
The act of pumpkin carving at Halloween has long been a tradition in North America since the 19th Century. Over the years the UK has embraced the notion of dressing up as witches, vampires and ghosts and searching out a house with a lit pumpkin in the hope of being given treats. Turnips, swedes and beets are also sometimes used for Halloween lanterns but by far the most popular choice is the big orange squash. The size of a pumpkin makes it so effective as a beacon on a cold, dark night. The bright orange colour reflects how autumn changes the colours in nature.
A more traditional Halloween craved pumpkin lantern
Whilst vegetables may be the first thought for Halloween carvings fruit can work just well. With this in mind it didn't take much persuading when the the lovely people at Alex and Alexa suggested we should enter their Spooky Fruit competition. Miss JibberJabber got to work and came up with this design.
The original Spooky Fruit design!
It centres around a watermelon with an apple for a scary face. Really I think this was just a devious way to get a watermelon in the house as I'm not that keen on it but she loves it. Although we may never be awarded any commissions based on our sculpturing skills a lot of fun was had in the planning, designing, shopping and finally creating of our Spooky Fruit.
An apple eaten by a watermelon with strawberry ghouls
The final version had the addition of grapes for eyes, carrot peelings for hair and some white chocolate covered ghouls as helpers. While they maybe Spooky Fruit I have to sadly report that all the fruit came to a rather tragic end as it was eaten alive!

This is a post for Alex and Alexa Spooky Fruit Blogger Competition. No payment was made for this post and the designs were my seven year old daughter's.

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