Thursday 13 June 2019

Succulents in your home and garden

Growing succulents has become one of the biggest trends of 2019. This is probably due to the fact that they can be grown inside or out and they are incredibly easy to grow. As they come in a range of colours and textures they can bring interest to many parts of your home or garden.

Choose your size – Most succulents are noted for how compact they are but some varieties can to several feet high.

Hardy or tender – Succulents are more noted for their liking for warm climates. This is why they make the perfect plants for sunny conservatories. As their popularity has increased new varieties have been developed to withstand harsher conditions. If you are wanting to put succulents in your garden check first on the variety or be prepared to move them inside in the winter.
Water with care – Succulents like the conditions that replicate the deserts they originate from. If you have them in your garden you probably won't need to ever water them as the natural rainfall will be sufficient. Do make sure that whatever container you have your succulents in has proper drainage. Try to get a mixture of around two-thirds general compost to a third of perlite, grit or sand. Without good drainage your succulents can succumb to root rot.

For indoor succulents wait until they are completely dry until you water them. This makes them great if you want a low maintenance house plant or you are away a lot. When you do water them give them a thorough soaking rather than little and often. This helps the plant to establish a strong root system. In turn this will make the plant far healthier and hardier.

Keep it sunny – A bright, sunny spot is the best place for your succulents. Don't worry about the wind as succulents can easily take it. The waxy, leathery leaves are designed to withstand desert storms.
Grow your own – Once you have one succulent you can start to grow more. Succulent leaves or stems can be used to propagate more plants. There are several ways to propagate succulents from using rooting powder to just setting them on top on soil. There's plenty of scope for getting lots more succulents but for very little extra cost.

Do you have succulents? Where do you grow them? 

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