Thursday 23 May 2019

How to have a green wedding

Most people plan their on their wedding day being the best day of their lives. All this can come at a price both financially and environmentally. What can you do about having a fantastic wedding and keeping it green?

Invitations – I used to make cards and wedding stationery. People used to love having handmade and completely personalised stationery but there was often a request for plastic bits to be added to the cards. You can use digital methods such as email or create an image you can private message to people on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. They don't quite have the grace and elegance of a formal invitation. You may need to send a physical invitation to some of your guests. There are many free to use websites you can use to get a design that suits you. You can then print this off on (preferably recycled) card.

Venue – A beach wedding may sound idyllic but those flights to some far-flung destination will not do the planet any good. If you keep local to where most of your guest will be coming from this will help keep down transport pollution. It will also mean that your guests can go home after the day or evening reception rather than staying in a hotel. Think of all those towels and bedding getting washed after just one use!

Flowers – Weddings often have a colour theme and the flowers play a big part of this. Rather than basing it on a colour perhaps go for a season and see what will be in flowers at the time of your wedding. Roses are the perennial favourite of weddings and thankfully in the UK they are in abundance in the summer months in gardens. Hydrangeas have huge and beautifully blooms which will make an easy bouquet and even easier table settings. For autumn weddings look towards dahlias. Whatever you can source locally will look fantastic and be so much better than flying flowers in.

Instead of flowers on the table think about pot plants. You can go for green leaves or flowers. Afterwards you can ask for them to be collected at the end for you to take home or be given out to your guests.

Rings – Where the metal and stones in your rings come from can have serious ethical connotations. Look for diamonds and precious stones that come from conflict-free areas. The mining of both stones and metals can lead to the exploitation of workers so seek out Fairtrade producers. You could also go for a vintage piece of jewellery or a family heirloom.

Dress – Wedding dresses are the ultimate 'wear it once' clothes and usually the most expensive and intricate item of clothing you will buy. Many brides don't like the idea of buying second-hand but often these dresses are from woman who don't want to store their dresses after their wedding. Men often hire their suits. These have been worn time and time again but nobody seems to have a problem with that.

If you want your dress to be brand new think of a fabric and style that can be worn again. You might not want to keep it white but could dye it so it can be used for other events.

Confetti – I always bring rose petals to use as confetti. It does give the perfect romantic effect in a beautifully natural way. Anything plastic and shiny is a big no-no. It will probably end up getting washed into the drains and into the sewage system. It can also end up getting eaten by birds and animals and killing them.

Food and drink – Go for a seasonal and locally sourced spread with plenty of vegetable and plant based dishes. Prosecco has gone out of fashion now but the great news is that it has been replaced by British sparkling wines. If you are having a totally vegetarian or vegan menu don't tell the guests in advance otherwise some will insist on alternatives!

Wedding favours – I've never been a huge fan of wedding favours on the table. Sugared almonds that never get eaten, plastic bottles of bubbles and packets of sickly Love Hearts. At my sister-in-law's wedding she had packets of wildflower seeds for us to take home and plant. You can make your own up by decanting some seeds into small recycled envelopes or choosing a charity to buy some from.

Are you planning a wedding? Would you like it to be as green as possible?

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  1. These are some fantastic ideas! I love the 'take home' flower seeds as favors.


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