Friday 29 March 2019

Love Cake March 2019 roundup

Spring has sprung this month in the UK and I think it has awakened our cake baking mojos! Let's see what everyone has been baking this month.
We start with one of my favourite cakes from my childhood. Kate from Gluten Free Alchemist has created a gluten free, dairy free, nut free and rice free version of a classic Jamaican Ginger Cake. It has all the stickiness you expect from such a cake so be prepared to lick your fingers after having a slice!
If ginger isn't your thing then direct your attention to Kate's other bake this month - Gluten Free Chocolate Orange Brownies. These too are free from dairy and nuts. Devilishly dark and moist with a dash of orange extract and a topping of Terry's Chocolate Orange these must be some of the most decadent brownies out there.
I've also gone down the gluten free brownie route this month with a batch of Reese's Brownies. We had a peanut butter filled Reese's Snowman left over from after Christmas so it was about time to get it used up. Brownies are great for using gluten free flour in as they are naturally moist.
Another Christmas clearout found some bags of nuts and thus Hazelnut and walnut cake came about. This cake is a great keeper and will remain moist for days afterwards. It's probably also the nuttiest thing you will ever eat!
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a bit of the black stuff. Some went into our dinner in the slow cooker while the rest was mixed into a Guinness Fruit Cake. With dark brown sugar, spices and a hint of orange extract this is a quick but rich fruit cake suitable for any time of year.
It's been St. Piran's Day this month so Choclette celebrated with a traditional Cornish Hevva Cake. It's a simple mix with brings together a light fruit cake with a touch of scone about it. Perfect for a break from tin mining!

That's it for this month and thanks to everyone who joined in. April is a busy month cake-wise and I'll be in a couple of days with next month's linky.

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