Sunday 3 September 2017

Sunday Snap – The art museum

Our Paris sightseeing trip took us to the top of the Champs-Élysées in last week's Sunday Snap. I asked what the name of Napoleon's triumphal arch is and the answer is

Arc de Triomphe

Marching on with the right answer were Susan, Faith, Anne, Kara and Cheryl.

We have a bit of culture for this week's Paris review. This museum is a mega museum for a number of reasons. Not only is it one of the world's most famous museum but it is also the world's biggest and most visited. The original part of the building was a fortress and part of this 12th century building still remains in the basement. By the 16th century it was turned into a palace for the French kings. After Louis XIV moved into the Palace of Versailles the palace was left to house the Royal Collection of art and sculpture. The French Revolution turned the palace from royal property to public property and it was opened to the public free of charge in 1793. The museum continued to acquire new works until it was realised in 1938 that the outbreak of war was imminent. One of the first paintings to moved was the Mona Lisa. From then until the liberation of France the museum was emptied of most of its collection.

Considering the age of the main buildings it is a feature that is less than 30 years old which people now recognise the museum by. In 1983 France's president, François Mitterrand, commissioned a number of new modern monuments as part of his Grands Projects. One of them is the glass pyramid in the courtyard in front of the museum. It is now the main entrance to the museum. Its placement is paramount as it forms part of the Axe historique. This is a line of monuments running from the pyramid to the obelisk of the Place de la Concorde, up to the Arc de Triomphe before finalising at the L'Arche de la Défense. All of these are placed on the same straight line. This week's question is

What is the name of the museum?

We were joined last week by Susan and the madness of the new school year. Anne was definitely not being a snob at Hanbury Hall. At the Dorset Steam Fair Kara found monster trucks and a baby owl at Liberty's Owl Centre. There was love in the sky for Cheryl. If you check out only one set of photographs this week then it has to be Soma's once in a lifetime, two years in the making, set of solar eclipse photos. Finally, Betty has been capturing the natural, funny and feline side of New Zealand.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. It's the Louvre. I've seen it in Da Vinci Code x

  2. The Louvre, I've seen it lots of times although I've never visited it.

  3. The Louvre, I've been there - saw the Mona Lisa which is smaller than I imagined !


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