Sunday 18 October 2015

Sunday Snap – Ham House

Ham House
For last week's Sunday Snap we were reaching Olympic heights with the stadium used for the London 2012 games. I asked what was the name of the park it was situated in and the answer was

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Gold medals all round to Cheryl, Helen, Kara and Gemma for getting the right answer.

For this week we're going from East London round to South West London and a building several centuries older. After being built in 1610 Ham House has a long and complicated history concerning its ownership. At various times it has been owned by both James I and his son Charles I. During the Civil War the then owner William Murray, a childhood friend of Charles I, transferred the property to his wife Elizabeth and this allowed Ham House to remain in the family despite their Royalist sympathies. William Murray became the 1st Earl of Dysart and for the next 350 years the house went through the Earldom with the involvement of several trustees and estate managers. After the end of the Second World War the house was owned by the 9th Earl's second cousin, Sir Lyonel Tollemache. He had struggled to keep the estate going through the war and this was not helped by the fact that close to the house was the bombing targets of a munitions, military vehicle and aircraft factory. It was then decided to donate the house to the National Trust. Despite years of neglect The National Trust now describes it as, “unique in Europe as the most complete survival of 17th century fashion and power.” The location of Ham House was originally chosen due to its proximity to the river and easy access to Royal courts both in London and Windsor. This week's question is

By which river is Ham House located?

We were joined last week by Sam who was basking in the autumn glow. Sophie was also in the mood for autumn with her range of pumpkins and gourds. Cheryl caught the cormorants all in a flap. It was into the woods for Jack and Noah. Susan's pair were sharing a giggle in bed. There was goldfinch at Sue's that never saw the patio door. In the sea it was surf's up for Karen's Mighty Girls. Spring is in full and beautiful bloom in Betty's New Zealand. Finally, just as you thought it was safe to go back in to the water...don't worry that fin belongs to Kara's little boy.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. Hmm... I have NO idea!! :-)
    Have a great weekend. I might be back in the morning after google... If that's allowed? ;-)

  2. Well, if it's in London, I'm guessing the Thames !

  3. I have no idea to be honest. Sorry. Looks lovely though x

  4. Totally a guess at the Thames with it being London :) Looks a wonderful place, another place to add to my list of visits next year.

  5. I'm going to guess the Thames seeing as it's in London but that's a complete guess x

  6. This one I know. The Thames, as it is near Richmond. I loved in Berkshire for 14 years

  7. The only river in London I know is the Thames?

  8. I think it can only be the River Thames as it is close to Richmond and I remember many a fab day spent there. Mich x

  9. I would guess the Thames but I am rubbish at these things!

  10. I think it's the River Thames. It looks beautiful.

  11. I'm guessing Thames, such a beautiful building

  12. I'm guessing Thames, such a beautiful building

  13. Well I would agree and say the Thames if it's London but otherwise have no idea!

  14. It really is a beautiful building! Thames :-)


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